Over Ten Years Microdermabrasion and Still Loving It!

I am a practicing Esthetician in Medford Oregon, I...

I am a practicing Esthetician in Medford Oregon, I have been doing microdermabrasion peels on myself for about ten years and I can honestly say that I believe it has been the reason at age 49, I still love my skin! I have also done light glycolic and enzymes peels between and even along side my microdermabrasion peels, adding to this combo I daily use a great topical muscle relaxing product known as a topical botox, peptides and anti-oxidants.

We are so lucky in today's world there are so many great products with outstanding and effective chemicals as well as organic and essential botanical ingedients that have medical effectiveness! My water and nutritional intake, hereditary and a good home skin care regiment is also a big part in my healthly and youthful skin, but I still honestly believe the microdermabrasion is a very important role in the success I feel with my skin!

Stretchmarks are not easy to treat and truthfully the best you can get in results would be to improve their appearance. At this time I haven't read anything that is out there that will totally and completely remove the damage skin from stretchmarks:( but there is alway's hope that in the near future, a laser or something else will change this. I am sure it is being worked on as you are in good company with many men and women who want to get rid of their stretchmarks as well! There are several treatments that will help improve the appearance and one of them can be with the help of microdermabrasion and also with some topical products use by the professional long side with the micro-peel and then some home care products. One of the home products that I have seen help stretchmarks is StriVectin SD or one of the generics that is just as affective is Strixaderm - MD, just search it online to get info on it and prices. With you being only thirteen you may have a better chance to greatly improve your results! I helped get a level of satisfactory for a client with her 22 year old marks! I know how emotionally painful this can be to live with but...keep the faith that help is being worked on and do your part in researching so you will know when it is available. The cost of microdermabrasion and any other choice of treatment for stretchmarks will depend on prices in your area and what the price the professional you choose would charge, a consultation would be needed to determine the true cost. I hope that you already know and believe this, that your real beauty comes from within and that is what people really see! Good luck!!
I have stretchmarks, bad ones, on my breasts and thighs, I'm only thirteen and I cannot wear shorts, tank tops, I can't go swimming. It's just horrible. I've tried Mederma and Bio Oil, Aloe Vera, Tanning, Cocoa Butter... NOTHING works, do you think Microdermabrasion could help, and if not, what could?.... Nothing to expensive though, somewhat tight budget, about 800 dollars...
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