Ouch...don't Do It!

I had i done and it hurt sooo much. You should be...

I had i done and it hurt sooo much. You should be put to sleep for that type of treatment! I was told that it wouldn't be that painful! There is a lot of hype about Fraxel but I had very little results from the Repair that I had done and I was red for almost three weeks. I was disapointed that it didn't work on pigment, my Doctor says that Fraxel is working on another "new" hand piece to treat that. I could go back and get it for free but I think I have learned my lesson


Does fraxel work on African American's stretch marks?
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I agree! - I have a very high pain tolerance, I've even had teeth filled without using novicane... This was the MOST painful thing ever, fortunately the whole thing only took about 1/2 hour. And within an hour of it being done I didn't even take a tylenol. I'm day 7 now. So I don't know yet if it was worth it or not, waiting for the red and the rest of the puffiness to go down
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Results not worth the pain

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