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Did Thermage Today - Now Let's Wait and See - Ottawa, ON

I'm a male, 42yo. Thermage was recommended to...

I'm a male, 42yo. Thermage was recommended to me by a surgeon who does traditional facelifts but alwo owns a medspa whichh offers Thermage. He thought I didnt need the surgery (too young, not enough sagging) and recommended the Thermage.

I was referred to his medspa. However I found the lady/nurse there was a bit pushy and didn't seem to care much so I looked to have the treatment somewhere else. For some reason I wasn't reassured by having the treatment done by a nurse/assistant.

I found a small clinic where the doctor does all treatments herself and who had it performed on herself and her assistant. (Both look great). I preferred her approach over a big volume medspa.

So the treatment.

- Machine was the CPT with the vibrating handpiece.
- Pulses : Got 900 puses.
- Power level : About 60% at level 3, the rest at 2,5 and a few zaps at 2, at the few specific spots where it was too hot (mostly under jawline)
- Doctor kept asking me about pain level on a scale from 1 to 4. When I was telling her it was too hot she turned down power a notch.

So I can honestly say treatment went well and I only felt 'pain' (too much heat) for about, say 15-20 of the 900 zaps I got. I told her every time it happened. Dentist hurts more (but thats me, everyone is different).

Once finished doctor handed me a mirror and of course it looked great. But she told right away that this would most probably not last and Ill have to wait for results.

My face was hot for about 1 hour and I cranked up AC in the car when I drove home. It made my face feel much better. All of this was gone once I was home.

It's been 3 hours now and look slightly better (nasolabial, chin and jawline a bit more defined). Nothing dramatic of course.

Doctor and her staff were great. Now let's hope this thing works but will have to wait.

Also I did take many high resolution pictures before going to the clinic. I won't post now as it is irrelevant as there is nothing to compare with. Will post in a few months along with the post treatment ones.


Jan. 16, 2012

I sure would like to know the name of the doctor who performed Thermage on you. I've read a few other blogs and some are disheartening.
So it was $3,000.00 dollars just for the lower half of your face? Very pricey nevertheless I would like my lower face and bags under the eyes worked on.

Sounds like your doctor knows what she's doing. Please email me her name and address. Thank you.
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Hi jacuzi12, 

I'm glad your doctor gave you so much info and explained everything too you. puzzle has some good points. We'd love to have you keep us updated. 



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Hi jacuzil12
its absolute correct that you dont vote immediately after the treatment. As man you may need more than 1 year for the result. I now recommend you to take photos also from your neck, hands, knees and maybe feets. Compare the pictures in 2 or more years.
Please post also in one year and also in two years. Thanks.
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Name not provided

It looks awesome when you just finished the treatment, but it doesn't (it's just last light swelling). I drove home and most of the 'effect' was gone. I won't post a thumbs up / down before, say 4 months from now as it is too early to judge.

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