Surgery to Correct Ptosis, Worried About Possible Complications Post-op

Hello. I have had ptosis of the left eyelid for as...

Hello. I have had ptosis of the left eyelid for as long as I can remember. Finally, I had surgery to fix the problem. My surgery was september 4th. The man who did it told me that I had bilateral ptosis and if he repaired just the noticeable left eyelid, that the right would then begin to hang lower. So on sept. 4th I had the surgery on both lids and now, almost 3 months later I am having worries that it was not done correctly. Almost always, when I blink, the right eyelid is somehow catching and the skin is bunching up top and it will stay like that unless I strain my eyes and eyebrows upwards, which sometimes fixes it. But as you can imagine it gets very annoying and painfull after doing it all day, every time I blink.

Also my left eyelid is still hanging a bit lower then my right. Its not that bad but can be much worse when I am even slightly tired. The main problem is the right eyelid. I had to reschedule an appointment with my surgeon about two weeks ago and now have to wait until dec.2 to see him again but as I said I am worried and its embarrasing daily having to deal with my eyelid every single time I blink.

I have attached a picture of myself showing how it looks when the skin catches, and one of how it looks after straining my eyes a eyebrows to "uncatch" it.

The actual sugery was very painful. I did it to fix bilateral ptosis but as you can tell its not "fixed". As for the amount spent part, my surgery was covered under health care.

Worried about possible complications with eyelid post-op
Thank you I really apricate you comment....Your addvice is truly help full..sorry I didnt answer your question but No I never used lubricating eye drops but hopefully it was done correctly so I dont have to go through that pain again really painful...
Thank you I really apricate you comment....Your addvice is truly help full..
Hi ... I am not sure if you attached your photo correctly or if it is being reviewed but I can't see it ...I was wondering if you are using lubricating eye drops and if that would help with your right eye ? I think that if it is not fixed correctly than your doc will fix it , I know that it is not something we look forward to ..more surgery ...ugh ..but if he does want to do it , than go for it. You want your end result to be everything you had hoped it would be. As far as both eyes looking the same , we all have two totally different eyes and one of mine actually is droopier than the other after bleph ..but I am still happy with the results. They are not supposed to be exactly the same and usually WE are the only ones who notice this....good luck to you :) Kat
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My doctor seemed very competent and I'm still hoping once I see him he will admit the problem and correct it.

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