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8 hours later and the pain from this Zoom...

8 hours later and the pain from this Zoom procedure is still incredible. Seriously, I had already determined that, after my first hour of these "zingers" ( as my hygienist called them), this was NOT worth it. Now, almost NINE hours after the procedure, I don't understand how this is not illegal. Sure, my teeth are white...but at what cost?!

I wouldn't go through this again if the procedure was FREE! I'm a male, late 30s and typically have a high tolerance for pain. This is ridiculous...and no one understands! Hopefully this post will deter some people.

Hi FireEngine1,

I'm sorry that does sound painful. Other community members have mention that they had to take Ibuprofen for the first 24 to 48 hours and after that felt better. Are your teeth the desired white that you hoped they would be? Please keep us updated.

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Not worth it...I was told that people's sensitivity and tolerance are different. I was also told that my pain would subside after a few hours. Yeah...okay.

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