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TT with Lipo of Flanks in 3 Weeks and Very Nervous!! - Orlando

I'am 33 yrs old gained 85ilbs with the birth...

I'am 33 yrs old gained 85ilbs with the birth of my son who is now 4 yrs,plus in the last 3 yrs had 2 abdominal surgies.Lost all the weight and a little more and still have this pooch of skin on my stomach.When I look at my stomach I feel like its the stomach of a 70 yr old with multiple incision marks and stretch marks and wrinkled skin. I decided to do this for myself and to feel human again when I look in the mirror. Have not told but a handful of people ,who are some what supportive,but I know I will be a better mother and wife after with my self-esteem approving.

My surgery is scheduled for December 10 I'm very nervous ,excited, and still can't believe I'm finally doing this. Thank you to all who have posted your stories they have been very supportive and inspiring and I know I'm not the only going through this journey. Will post pics after the surgery.

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I was so scared I almost cancelled the night before...but I do not regret it, I am two weeks post op and it has been a journey. I will be real, it did not hurt as must as I thought, I was more frustrated then anything because you will need some help but I feel great. I feel 80 percent normal right now. I suggest if you have someone to help you the first few days, it is hard to get up and down and somewhat painful. It took me 5 years to make up my mind to d o this but I am so happy I did.. Check out my post..good luck.. post everyday it helps.
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Hi Lea77 - Totally understand the nervous feelings.  This is a big step but you will do fine.   Yes you will be a better wife and mother after because you will feel really good about yourself.  This was the biggest moral booster I ever gave myself.

It is very exciting to get the new body...and just wait for the shopping - Whoa!

Take a look at my Tummy Tuck Survival Guide in the Forum section.  Good tips and tricks :) 

I look forward to reading more about you as you go through your process. 
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Ican't wait for the shopping ,can wear things I never have before.Thank you for the tips.
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