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Yes, I was one of the fools who jumped on Thermage...

Yes, I was one of the fools who jumped on Thermage as soon as it became available and thus paid full price. You can get full face now in my area for 1500-2000. Don't pay that either! I didn't find that it made one lick of difference. I wanted it to, trust me.

Go with Pelleve - the new skin tightener. I paid 500 for 2 treatments and although I only see minimal improvement around my eyes (I couldn't handle the heat so I guess it's my fault) I did see REMARKABLE improvement in the lines around my mouth and cheeks (when I smile, those small long lines - hated that!!!). Actually, they are GONE!

Both treatments are said to last 18 months. Save your money on thermage and go with Pelleve. I would leave a review for Pelleve but there's no option for it yet on realself!

Pelleve - the former name was "Radiage" is also a rf-system. Fine that you enjoy it. We had a long call with a lady about Radiage. From friends she had heard that the rf worked fine. She had bad luck with the devise. The fat loss was so enormously that she wanted already after 3 months to go under the knife for correction her face!
In the from me already mentioned German study "Skin rejuvenation by radiofreqency therapy: methods, effects and risks" (Uwe Paasch et al., Universitätsklinikum Leipzig, 2008. The short but clear Summary of the 6 pages is visible in the Wiley Online Library there are pictures from a radiage victim. Terrible burns like in the early Thermage times!
So all devices are not without risk. Just healthy people should think about it when they must not have a treatment.

Hi huds, 

Sorry you were unhappy with the results, but glad you found something that worked just as well and you liked it. Others too within the community feel the same way as you. 

Thank you and enjoy the week.


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