Tired of Paying for Procedures That Don't Work. - Tampa, FL

In 2011, I was left with lumps and bumps after...

In 2011, I was left with lumps and bumps after lipo on my stomach and flanks. (Dr. is in Altamonte, FL) I tried Velashape, Venus freeze to help rid bumps. Neither worked at all. Decided to give coolsculpting a try over a year and a half period. 3 times on my left flank, twice on my right. (In Tampa). I follow all post operative rules and workout 4-5 times a week, btw. I have not gained or lost weight. After a few months, my flanks look exactly the same. Coolsculpting is supposed to permanently remove fat cells..so why do I look the same? I really am tired of paying for stuff that doesn't work. Just my experiences. I hope it will work for you if you decide to try it.
Sorry to hear you have not had results. I have heard that the flanks are the area that may show the least results, although, that varies with everyone. I had mine done for the second time in Nov and I just now can see a diff, lost an inch. First time not much at all. Like Pufferpunk says, maybe you are too thin to see results? Sorry to hear.
I'm not sure but maybe you are too thin already or too heavy to see a difference? Do you eat healthy & exercise regularly?
I'm 5'5" between 120-123 lbs. exercise at least 3-4times a week. And eat a well balanced meal. Anymore ideas why nothing works on me?
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