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Growing up, I always dreamed of having a cute and...

Growing up, I always dreamed of having a cute and tiny nose. I was born with a big nose that didn’t fit my face. Kids in school always teased me and it got even worse when I broke my nose playing volleyball in high school. My parents wouldn’t let me get a nose job because they thought it was silly to spend money on surgery that wasn’t necessary. They couldn’t understand that my nose was depressing me. I also had a difficult breathing, especially when I slept.

I visited my provider my freshman year of college and instantly knew that it was the place for me to get a fresh outlook on life. Dr. A decided that rhinoplasty was a good option for me considering the size of my nose and the previous injury I had sustained. Dr. A gave me a new nose and for that I am forever grateful. He made my nose fit the size of my face and he made it look very natural. Some of my friends can’t even tell that I’ve had a nose job! I feel better about myself and I even have an easier time breathing.

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Hooray for you! We'd love to see before and after photos if you'd feel comfortable sharing them.

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