Banished my Crows Feet & Gave Me "Porcelain Doll" Skin!

At 28, I noticed my skin didn't have the...

At 28, I noticed my skin didn't have the "glow" it used to have. I also had disliked the fine lines that started appearing around my eyes.

I opted for a photofacial and I LOVE my results. It feels like a rubber band snapping your face, but I experienced ZERO side-effects. Two weeks after my first treatment, my skin looked like porcelain and my lines & freckles were gone! I'm so happy, I purchased 4 more treatments for the future.

Be sure to use an esthetician who is supervised my a doctor. Good luck!!


Great! I had it done in Europe few years ago and loved the results. Now I live in Daytona Beach and had not found place where to go to have it done with 100% trust.I glad I have seen you review on this site,since your results are great and you are happy with IPL you had had I am going to try this place as well, What was the name of the person who performed it to you? Thank you!
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