Mommy Makeover - So Happy (31 Year Old Mother of 2)

I am a 31 yrs old mother of 2. After many years of...

I am a 31 yrs old mother of 2. After many years of fighting with my weight after chilbirth, I finally decided it was time to do for me!! Stretch marks, muffin top, back bacon.. you name it I had it! 5'4 was 178 at my heaviest, and finally dropped down to 145 just before surgery.

I was referred to my doctor from a friend. I did my research and decided to go ahead and start planning with him. I was treated very nicely, but never babied. I belive this actually helped me through this recovery phase I am going through now.

I had a tummy tuck, lip, and breast lift on February 16th 2010 and I am feeling awsome. I know I am swollen, yet I am so happy with just the way I look now that I would be content staying this size. I came off the pain medicine because of nausea on the third day, and have been on tylenol. I started driving 6 days later. I have a lot of back pain but thats it. I can't wait to see my end results in a few months.

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I am looking for a doctor in the Orlando area. I am considering or should I say been considering a TT for many years now. I am finally decide and would like comments:)
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Congrats on your recovery process. Is your Dr. located in Orlando, Florida?
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Congratulations on your successful treatment!
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Who was your doctor....i am having full TT in April! Do you have any after pics?? Hope all well!!!
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I havent taken any yet, but I will post some very shortly.
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great Thanks!! Do you mind telling who your doctor is?
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