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As a middle age woman who works out everyday and...

As a middle age woman who works out everyday and look and feel very good. The only was I was going to lose my lower stomach fatty tissue around my hysterectamy scar was through surgery. I would recommend this procedure to anyone with this situation.

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Dr. P displays a professional manner that gave me complete confidence to go forward with this surgery. He explained the steps involved in a very clear way. When I left our meeting I felt very confident in his ability to do a good job. I was able to inter into this surgery without any reservations

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Sounds like it! Keep us posted on how you're healing.

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Lipo was all around the belly button and around the waist. This caused the most swelling. I had a stomach the size of a bowling ball and just as hard. After three months, I am still working out at the gym trying to make this softer and lower. I am about half way now. Still a long way to go in my mind. It will be worth it in the end. It is very hard work.
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Thanks for sharing with us. How was your recovery? Where, on your body, did you receive lipo?

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