Liposuction with Tummy Tuck (Age 44)

The price I got was a discount price because I...

The price I got was a discount price because I work for the faculty where the doctor operates.

After years of working out. DECIDED on a tummy tuck with lipo. I had little or no pain because I prepared my body for the surgery, today makes day 13 I love my new body. i will recommend this procedure to anyone, whom has tried everything to tighten their skin.

You must do your research and find the most experienced doctor in your must not lay around and pop pain pills after your surgery get up get moving you will love your outcome.


Updated on Mar. 16, 2010:

I had my tummy tuck on March 3rd. I am so happy.

I decided on a tummy tuck after working out for years with little results because of dead skin. I recommend each person workout first as hard as you can before your surgery, working out prepares your body for the surgery,please do not set home after surgery and just pop pain pills get up get moving. I am 44 years in the best shape of my life..

I did my research found the best doctor in my area,stayed focus, now I am reeping my new stomach is so flat and tight, my scars are healing great,I have to wear my body gurdle for 6 more weeks. but i feel and look like a million dollars.. remember my best advice is prepare your body before surgery and keep moving after surgery..

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hello my name i was looking at your profile i the price for your tt was in my price range i would like to know what physician you use i want this procedure so bad any info would help thank you keeley

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Wonderful news that you're healing so quickly! Have any before and after pics you'd like to share? :)
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I can not agree more with you! My TT is a week from monday and I have been doing pull ups and lots of upper body/leg/core exercise in the form of P90X and I am in awesome shape, so I think I will heal nicely. I am also a nurse and used to work post-op and I can say the people that are in decent shape are the ones up and ambulating asap, getting discharged earlier and healing faster with smaller incidence of infection and complications. I hope my post-op story is a positive as yours!!! :)
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you will have a great recovery, I also did the P90x before surgery, one of my best moves ever.. I work in a out patient hospital, so I agree with you about the post op discharge... people need to take care of their body,before surgery.. i cant wait to hear about your recovery... just keep walking and drinking makes 21 days post op.. I went back to work 14 days post now I am back outside power walking, hopefully back in the gym or P90x nest week. good luck to you
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congrats on the new you, i am 4 days post op and move around as much as possible. you are right the more you move the easier it is. cant wait to be able to stand up straight. how long did it take you to stand up completely and what do you do to help you do so? i am fine not on the pain meds cause i feel fine, but would love to have an idea on when i can stand up straight. thanks for the advise and again congrats on your TT
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thank you I pretty much stood up alittle more each day, by day 6 i was pretty much straight except for the drainage tubes had me going easy, day 7 the tubes came out i stood all the way up and moved around a little faster. Day 10 my doctor placed me in the body compresser verry very tight.. The compressor really helped my posture because of the firmness...please get the tightest you can stand and wear all day and night except for showers, my doctor gave me two to rotate.i have to stay in the compressore for 6 weeks. hope this helps.. oh back to work on day 14 everyone was shocked...
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Congrats on your TT and results! I agree with you, and also recommend to anyone interested in a TT work out as much and hard as they can prior to the surgery, it's so important! My abs, feel fine now, I am 19 days post TT. Congrats again!
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