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I had a lifestyle life neck and face and a laser...

I had a lifestyle life neck and face and a laser treatment. No way was I prepared for the pain that would be involved and the recovery time.

They gave me about 30 painful Novocain shots in my face and sliced me all around my ears. Hearing them cut off skin was disgusting! It took almost two hours of nauseating procedure. When I left it looked like my head had been run over by a truck. I had taken a week off work, but no way was it enough. I returned to work, as I had no choice, 8 days later, and I was so swollen and scars showing. It was a nightmare.

It is now 11 months later, and my ears still hurt, ache, and itch. Do I look good? Yeah, I look a lot better. Maybe 10 years younger, so I guess it is worth it. That sounds crazy, I'm sure, but I guess my looks mean a lot to me. I work in a job with young women who are very competitive, and looks mean a lot. I have to keep up. So, is it worth it? Yes, but just BE PREPARED!!!


I think your "I guess it was worth it" in your review states volumes. Too bad you're giving them a thumbs up when they are such a fraudulent and deceptive corporate practice who have lured so many of us in with lies. What you have to go through with this is NOT WORTH IT!! I'm so glad you were not infected and damaged as so many other people have been. Thank you tho for your really honest review. At least you speak the truth!
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Welcome to RealSelf and thanks for sharing your experience. Did they give you any pain medication to use at home? Sounds like you needed it! :-/

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Very caring before the procedure, but they don't give a hoot about you after.

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