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Got a groupon deal for 100.00 for 3 15 minute...

Got a groupon deal for 100.00 for 3 15 minute sessions, this is 1st time with a new dentist, he took exrays and cleaned my teeth two weeks ago. He didnt give me any instructions on what to expect or if I should take advil, etc before procedure. Since reading reviews will take a combo of ibuprofen(for inflammation) of the dentin in my teeth and acetaminophen(for pain) before the whitening; had no idea they were different drugs. Will let you know how it goes.
Thank you!  Remember to take a before picture and an after picture in the same lighting, if only for your own use (though I'd love for you to share it).  Also, expect that the brightness will diminish after a few days to a week, so you may want to take a third picture in the same lighting.  I am so curious as to whether you see a difference at the three time periods.

Thanks again, so much!, for starting a review beforehand!!!
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