VI Peel For Deep Hyperpigmentation - Orlando, FL

I have deep hyperpigmentation from years of cystic...

I have deep hyperpigmentation from years of cystic acne. After a five month round of accutane I've successfully gotten rid of the acne, thank God! Now I'm trying to get rid of the remaining red spots. The first night after the peel was the worst as far as itching/burning. The following day I seemed to have a brownish red/tint to my skin but that's all. Some dryness started the second night and by day three the skin around my mouth was peeling off in sheets. The peeling continued onto my cheeks on day 4. By the end of day 5 the peeling was on the very outer sides of my face and practically gone. I had the peel on Monday night and went back to work on Saturday (I'm a waitress). Overall I saw minimal results, but I really think this is due to the depth of my hyperpigmentation. I plan on looking into a Jessner peel next.

Peels have a hard time treating hyperpigmented scarring. Try the Obagi line to address the scarring. The lightening agents will work better than any peel. Good luck!

First, congrats on getting your acne cleared up! I'm sooo happy to hear that, as I know what a pain it is to deal with. I would love it if you would write a review about your experience with Accutane as well.

Bummer to hear the Vi Peel didn't do much for you. I so appreciate you posting the pictures. Maybe after the peeling is completely done and the skin has some time to heal you will see a little more change - fingers crossed!

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