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I had lipo on my stomach in June 2010. Because the...

I had lipo on my stomach in June 2010. Because the lipo left me with lumps and what looks like cellulite above my belly button, I decided to try velashape. I did about 10 sessions, I lost count! It might have smoothed it out just a bit. But maybe time also played a factor. It doesnt work. I read the reviews and choose not to believe them. What a waste of time and money. I also had the back of my legs done. 10 sessions. It made my cellulite worse. Theres a good concept behind it, but it just doesnt work.


Thanks for sharing what you experienced when you tried Velashape. What a bummer to not see the results you had hoped for. Out of curiosity, did the person who performed this for you give you any reason why you may not have seen results, or what was their reaction?

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The girls who worked on me were nice, but the vela didnt work on me.

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