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I was the typical pear shaped female. I had a...

I was the typical pear shaped female. I had a smaller waistline and fuller hips and thighs. After giving birth at 30, I simply couldn't regain my shapely figure. While some may argue I should have opted to do my hips and thighs versus my abdomen and flanks, I chose not to.

The hips and thighs have been with me for quite some time they have grown on me. I am most dissatisfied with my abdomen and flanks. I have done my research on Vaser, and I am finally ready to see results.

Hi I am from Orlando and had Vaser last December. I AM THRILLED with the results! Who is your surgeon? thanks!
Although I have gotten a little bit of static, I am convinced this is what I would like to do for myself. Once I have the procedure I will update with before and after pics. Thanks for the support and please stay tuned for my results.

Hi there,

Thanks for your review. Are you all prepared for your surgery?


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