Scheduled for Mini Tummy Tuck with Lipo

I have worked out and eaten well after having both...

I have worked out and eaten well after having both my babies but just can't seem to lose the fat in my abdomen area. I also had a previous surgery that left me with a c-section type scar and has created a 'shelf' for my stomach.

I am scheduled to have lip on the abs, flanks and inner thighs, along with a mini-tummy tuck. I have decided to do something just for me. Nervous but very excited. Will post pics soon.

You're only a little more than a week away! I'm very excited for you. The shelf is soooo aggravating. Keep us posted.


Surgery done! Resting at home. Pain med not...

Surgery done! Resting at home. Pain med not helping as much as I would hope, so gonna try a different prescription tomorrow.

I received fluid through an IV and was not prepared for how many times I needed to go to the bathroom after surgery! It hasn't been easy at all to get out of bed, especially so often.

My doctor called tonight just to see how I was doing, which is a really nice gesture and I was able to ask a few questions about meds etc. I feel very swollen but from all I have researched, swelling is inevitable. Drinking lots of water to hopefully help flush swelling down. My first post-op appt is tomorrow, so I should get a quick view as the dr. Is going to change my dressings. So swollen can't yet see difference on stomach area but also had lipo on inner thighs and can already see some improvement there. So I am hopeful! :-)

So day 1 is completed. I am very very sore but I have been able to walk around for a little bit ...albeit hunched over an very very slow. No turning back's done and I am grateful to have made it safely out of surgery and very ready to start the recovery process!
Im going to be returning to a desk job in about 17 days after the surgery,
So with a compression garment im hoping that i will be able to get around the office without anyone knowing i hsd surgery.
Do u wear a compression garment? Are u working?
Good morning. Yes, I still wear my compression garment all the time. Actually, still use the one that I got after surgery b/c it's much more convenient than any of the others I have found. The others hurt too much trying to pull over the scar and they did not have an opening which made having to go to the bathroom a real challenge every time. My dr. recommends wearing 24/7 for up to 12 weeks! I'm ready to be done with it but following my dr. recommendation so halfway there!

I work from home so that makes things easier. I am now 6 weeks out from surgery and feeling so much better. I can do just about everything now-just still feel sore if bending over too much. Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions!
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