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I had Restylane injected into my lips five days...

I had Restylane injected into my lips five days ago. I noticed that evening that one side of my top lip was lower than the other and appeared more plump. I started to freak out and decided I would give it some time and iced my lips for first eight hours hoping they would stop swelling. In the morning the unevenness was still there along with a nice purple color.

I called the Dr. who did it and he said it's probably just the swelling.I failed to mention the rather large knot in my top lip on the side that was bigger. He said it was some of the product and would be absorbed by the body.OK so it's day five and the other smaller upper lip is still purplish, but the knot on the other side is still there and Im quite uneven.

Im scared to go back in to have it evened out in fear of something else may happen.It looks ok as long as I keep my mouth shut. Your mouth is a focal point on your face. Does the Dr usually put same amount on both sides equally or just inject until it looks good to the eye?

Who was your dr? I live near Orlando, and don't want to go the them!

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Welcome to the Restylane community. How's everything going now, still swollen? I checked in the doctor Q&A for answers to your question. I came across the question, How to Deal with Side Effects of Restylane, there are a number of doctors answers there that might be useful to you. Hopefully it will help. Please keep us updated.

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He said he eyeballs the result until it looks good. That sounds shady...

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