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Radiesse Cheeks - Orlando, FL

I recently had Radiesse injected to give me more...

I recently had Radiesse injected to give me more fullness in my cheeks. I absolutely LOVE it. I did not realize how much my cheeks had flattened out over the years. Now I have beautiful symmetric cheekbones which I can place a little blush on for a beautiful finished look. They also look beautiful without any makeup at all. I am definitely pleased with my results. I look refreshed and rejuvinated.


what clinic and doctor did you go to?
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Yes. It was mildly uncomfortable for a couple of days. I had a very small bruise on the cheek but it was pretty deep so it didn't really show very much.

Overall it was a good experience. I am planning to do a little touch up in about 9-12 months.

The final outcome appears after about 7-10 days from injection.
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Thanks for the added info Still. Let us know how everything goes!


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