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My laser tattoo consultation went well. I plan on...

My laser tattoo consultation went well. I plan on re-starting my laser tattoo removal treatments this month. I have a small tattoo on my breast that is quite faded from prior treatments(done at another clinic years ago) that will cost me $125 per session. I truly believe it will be gone in about 2 more sessions. Then I have a huge disaster of a tat on my thigh that will cost me $395 per treatment and the estimated time will be 8 treatments. It's mostly black ink so I'm hoping that it will fade even quicker than that.
Thanks for submitting this! I have been conteplating removal of a rose on my knee for months now. I was thinking of driving to Pristine Laser Center from West Palm Beach. Would you say it was worth is? How big is the thigh tattoo? I'm scared of the costs my tattoo is about 5" x 5" and I also have two small black ones I want to remove as well. Got to post pics soon.

Hey there, thanks so much for sharing your review, look forward to seeing your results so please continue to update with photos :) 


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