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1. I was tired of walking around with a sagging...

1. I was tired of walking around with a sagging jaw and circles under my eyes. I went to the Bassin Center to have a consult and I decided to have the LazerLift and surgery for the bags under my eyes. 4 weeks later and I look twenty years younger!. I am a 50 year old woman and I look like I did when I was 35!! OMG! 

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I was referred to the Bassin Center by a friend. I was tired of walking around with a sagging jaw and circles under my eyes. I went to the Bassin Center to have a consult and I decided to have the LazerLift and surgery for the bags under my eyes. 4 weeks later and I look twenty years younger!. I am a 50 year old woman and I look like I did when I was 35!! OMG! Thank you so much to Dr Bassin and his staff. They were great! I was very nervous before the surgery and I had a ton of questions after my surgery. Allison was great and so was the rest of the staff. Thank you so much!

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Hi, I wanted to know how you liked the results of your Lazerlift. I am 58 years old and had a facelift 3 years ago. I still have some signs of loose skin on my jaw and neck. I went to 4 plastic surgeons recently and 1 suggested another facelift. I was very upset. Two ps recommended fillers. The fourth recommended the Lazerlift. I am schdeduled to have it done in August. I just hope that it is not a waste of my time and money. I just don't want to go through a facelift again though at this early stage. So I would appreciate any feedback that you can give me. Thanks, Dilee
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Hello Dilee, In two more days will be a full week since my lazer lift, I feel is too soon for me to say that I see much difference, maybe still swollen , I noticed the nasal lines are much more dismisnished and that is already a big accomplishment , I was bothered by those lines and didn't wanted to go for fillers because my face is full as it is plus I don't really like fillers, I love dysport but no to fillers. Specially cause is something needed to be done every 5-6 months I don't like short term results as it becomes big worries for me. I noticed the doctor concentrated in my chin and half neck so I am hoping once swollen goes down that will be an area of major improvement However my main target is the cheeks, I've gained some fat in that area and the skin started to show lines and was changing the natural appearance of my face, was giving me those lines across my cheeks, at the moment this area has not shown much of difference but like I said it is early to make any judgements. It is important that any method you choose is the right for what you are looking to achieve, and the surgeon understands well your needs, sometimes our expectations are different than what this procedures can do If you have done a face lift only 3 years ago and have loose skin I believe choosing a laser method to promote skin to tighten is best than going back and do a second face lift. One of the advantage of the one I did lazer lift is that the pain is minimum , no bruises so no one have to know, the results will show gradually and as i was told it continues to imporove in the next 3 months which is what I am opting to do , just wait patiently hoping my face will actually show a lot more improvement and skin gets tighten then I can say all this have been worth it. Like I wrote in here when I did my inner thighs the lipo from heaven cause it wasn't near as painful as a lot of people described,I didn't had any complications, yes the changes are not very much but I can still say my skin is smooth ,even and no signs of lipo. Same as my face, if not much of a change will happen at least I can say my face is not at risk of any damages or terrible scars. This is safe, fast,easy. I will post pics of 2 days ago, today my face shows no difference than it did when this pics were taken. I will continue to post my comments as time goes by.
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Hi Anna Bella, Thanks for your reply. You will definitely see results by day 10. I am now 3 months out and feel like my face has slimmed down dramatically. The tightening in the jaw is unbelievable. It is like shrink wrap. My ps says I will get a lot more tightening from 3 to 6 months. So I love this procedure. My worry is there was another patient who had it done by the same doctor and she got a facial droop. I guess if the doc hits a nerve in your cheek it looks like you had a stroke. I think it will improve but I feel like I am very lucky. These procedures can all be dangerous. But overall my face shape has changed from being very round to more of an oval shape. I did lose 5 pounds too. I wish I could tighten the mid face. But this can't be done in that area. It is amazing technology and no cutting or down time. Good luck. Let me know how you like it. It DOES work. Dilee
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Dear Dilee, I am glad to hear you had your face done, and most important is you are having a good outcome I am not sure which procedure you ended up chosen tho, did you do the Lazer lift? I wonder if that is the same every where ? I know here in my area (Tampa ) is not widely offered. Yes I understand if a nerve is compromised that can be a total disaster I really went in very confident cause my Doctor is a very secured and skilled surgeon. Tomorrow will be my first visit post op, maybe I get to understand more how my face will turn out. I am very glad to hear you are satisfied with Yours after knowing you had some hesitations , and you found an easier way out without risking your face and keeping natural looks that is very comforting for me to know as it also brings good hopes to myself. Thanks for your postings.
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Hello Dilee, I have been feeling and looking much better as you said, day by day I see some changes. I haven't heard back from you,also never got your photos I am looking forward to it. Wishing you well. Anabella
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Annabella, I did respond to your last email with all your pix. Maybe you didn't get it for some reason. I am glad you are starting to see results. Don't worry it gets better and better each day. I am at the 3.5 month point and am still seeing more tightening. It will tighten up until 9 months my doctor said. Feel free to email me. Thanks. Dilee
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So happy you got great results! Post some pics so we can see please. :)
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