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Co2 Total Laser - Orlando, FL

I am SUPER happy with my results. At first I was a...

I am SUPER happy with my results. At first I was a little nervous after reading all the negative comments here about CO2, but then I got the courage to do it and I am happy I did. My recovery was really quick, the doctor was even astonished at how fast I recovered. After the third day my face had peeled and was a little pink.

Typically I hear it takes about two weeks. In a week my face was COMPLETELY back to normal. Acne scars are a lot less noticeable and my face is super smooth. I can't even feel anymore pimples. The first couple days looked like I got ran over a train, and then I had a couple white pimples, but like I said, after a week, completely gone. A trick that helped me heal A LOT quicker which even shocked the doctor was: Collagen vitamins or Amino Acid vitamins, AKE vitamins, royal jelly/honey, wheat grass smoothies/acai. You can get all of this at vitamin shop, and trust me.. It is SOOOO worth it.. That is how I heeled so fast..

Well, Good luck and don't be scared.. You will be happy with the results! Oh and P.S. My doctor is a laser certified plastic surgeon who trains doctors from all over the US on how to use lasers..

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The doctor was the friendliest doctor I have ever met. Right when I walked into his office all the staff were super friendly and he stayed as long as I wanted answering questions and showing me pictures. He treated me like a daughter. Super nice guy!

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INDIANA NOT WORTH THE PAIN MONEY OR TIME $2300.00 soooo not worth it. It has been 4mos and i am stell flakeing and pealing my skin is so dry and i got pimples. i had better skin befor i had the laser done. my Dr. is a certified plastic surgeon.maybe i should have got niped and tucked. could not be as bad as laser. not heeled yet.

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Any update now after 2 years? What was the name of the laser. Thanks.

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Hi Lala21....can you provide the name and number of the surgeon who performed the treatment, please? I am in Orlando for a couple of months an am wanting to have this done but like yourself, have been skeptical. It seems as though you have found the right doctor. Thanks
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Most definitely.. I did it with Dr. Johnston. He is located in Lake Mary. Choose him, you will definitely not regret it :)
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Hi Lala21,

Well it sound like you had the perfect laser experience, which is awesome. All of the vitamins is useful info for the community. Please keep us updated and if you have pictures that would be great.

Thanks so much for the review,


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