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I lost some back teeth on the right side due to an...

I lost some back teeth on the right side due to an auto accident. Dr. Andre Buchs did 3 implants for me. I opted not to be sedated, just novocane (lots of novocane). Three implants were done in about 1 hour. He is a fabulous doctor. Fabulous bedside manner. Will not see another doctor for any oral surgery but him. Now getting ready to get implants on the left side.


Wow! Looks great!! I was wondering, was it $5400 for all 3 implants? Orlando is not too far from me and thats definitely worth a drive if they charge that much! Was considering going overseas but with a baby?...ehh... Haha
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Thanks for sharing your photos on this helpful site. You look marvelous and now have a lovely SMILE again!! Wishing you all the best in the future. :D
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Thank you so much for adding pictures. That is so incredibly helpful!

Your teeth look gorgeous! I'm sorry to hear about the car accident though. That must have been pretty scary. I'm glad that you are ok!!

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Dr. Andre Buchs

Dr. Buchs is the best ever. Believe me, I don't like going to the dentist, but I love love love beautiful teeth.

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