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I got implants 10 years ago,now i gain alot of...

i got implants 10 years ago,now i gain alot of weight and now i'm a double d!! i want to feel normal again but i'm worried that i'm going to look flat when i get them removed. i hope i look like a purky c... can anybody tell me or show me pics of a remove of there implant or tell me how you feel after you got it done?


Hi! I'm in Orlando and just got an explant 6 days ago. You may feel deflated. I keep hearing what you will look like depends on your skin elasticity. It's nice to find Someone in the area doing the same.
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Welcome to RealSelf! Please click the Photo tab above to see some before and after photos of breast implant removal. When is your surgery scheduled for? We're rooting for you and i hope you'll keep us updated on your progress! You also should read this great post by Green Temple on her insights into the surgery and recovery.

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