Botox Took Care of my "Angry Mom" Look - Orlando, FL

I've had the "angry mom" lines...

I've had the "angry mom" lines between my eyebrows for a decade. I have had Botox 4 times, with two different professionals. The first one had a set rate of $375 and seemed to have a need to use up an entire vial or something. In addition to treating the place between my brows, she also did my forehead, which I didn't like. It seemed to make me look too plastic. I went to someone new this week. She only charged me for the Botox she used ($125 less!) and only treated the areas I wanted treated. I am extremely happy with the result. My advice would be to find out exactly what are you paying for...the Botox you want/need, or the Botox the practitioner wants to sell you.

Hi - I had botox for the first time at Dr. P's office in Altamonte Springs. The Dr does do them there, but was called out for something and his PA had to do it for me (She normally works in the Villages Office). She was awesome. I was nervous and told her I wanted the bare minimum to start with and she did exactly as I asked. I had a great experience and highly recommend. Also reasonably priced!

THANKS for that info. I'll save her info for future use. GOOD LUCK and hope you keep getting great results.
I saw Julia Storti. She is a nurse practitioner at Advanced Dermatology in Oviedo: (407) 901-4325

I keep reading that we should have an actual MD do the injections, but I'm not aware of any in the Orlando are who do it themselves. They all seem to hae an NP do that.
Julia Storti

The nurse practitioner asked me exactly what I wanted treated. She gave me a quote based on exactly what I needed. She let me know in advance what type of results I could expect. She talked me through the entire procedure and the results were excellent.

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