CoolSculpting on Love Handles Sept 1 - Orlando, FL

Why CoolSculpting? I had a TT on June 23rd. The...

Why CoolSculpting? I had a TT on June 23rd. The front of my new belly looks amazing, however I thought the lypo involved with a TT would get rid of the love handles. Not so, my expectations were out of line .. either b/c my PS didn't fully explain this when I asked or I didn't hear it right? Either way, I still have love handles, which has always been the worst part of me! I don't want to go for more lypo or an extended TT, so I've decided to try CoolSculpting to reduce the size of this ever-difficut spot.

The Procedure -My first CoolSculpting appt was on Sept 1 … a one hour treatment on each "handle" administered by an NP. The initial vacuuming-sucking hurt a bit, but then everything went numb and it felt fine. I worked and listed to a conference call while sculpting!! When the applicator comes off .. whoa … you look red & deformed, but you quickly shrink back to normal size after a massage. After one week, the treated area still has a deadened feeling … kind-of a prickly numbness. This is supposed to go away soon. I bruised on my right side very slightly. I did have one stretch mark on my right side that now looks kinda like a busted blood vessel … hopefully it's a bruise??

The Results - I am a week out, so I haven't seen any results yet. And, the PS said I would probably have to do 2 treatments to see a difference. He did warn me that I have stretch marks in the treatment area (albeit I think they are very light and not very noticeable at all) which may effect the efficacy of the CoolSculpting. This is a bummer, but I figured I'd try it anyway and hope for a good result. I want to feel comfortable with the new tummy … all the way around the waistline!!

So … we will see what changes from here!

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hello .. I know it's been over a year but could you give us an update? were there any changes? I am thinking the same thing for my TT .. Thanks Orlando321 :D
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I am thinking the same thing about my TT I want Lipo now on my hips.
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I guess I should write up a review on my cool scultping. I am not going back for the second treatment. I'll talk more with you today. :)
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The numbness only lasted about 1 1/2 weeks. All is back to feeling normal now. I don't see much of a change yet … still could be positive changes in the future?
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Thanks for writing such a detailed review of the process so far. I'll be following your blog and I hope your results turn out great. :)

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