just had a breast reduction, back relieved but i look like an "a" instead of a "d" - Orlando

Its just had breast reduction surgery with a...

its just had breast reduction surgery with a breast lift....i'm 22 years old 5'9 solid built. i went from a 36i/j to a 36 d...so they say lol...very curvy (african amercan)....it's been exactly a week and i glad the pain is relieved off my chest, but i'm extremely concern that my breast are smaller than a "d" cup....are they going to grow a lil more? or is it because the are still swollen....i need some advise pls....having mixed emotions over here!!!

oh yea i see my stomach now..time fir the gym!!! my doctor is aswesome, but i just need some reassurance!


a D sounds really great from where you started....believe it or not...over time they will drop a bit and seem more natural....
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Well it's been two weeks now and they have grown and I am starting to adjust to my new breast. @Sharon...I havent taken any pictures yet!! but i will post some in due time..but as you said yes that was a big bgi Jump!! :) @Kimmers25- thank you so much i felt relieve after seeing your comment...The doctor's tell you, but it always feels better to hear it from somebody who has experienced, what you are going through!
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I am so happy with my breasts now! They were so large before and I just hated them. My back, neck and shoulders always hurt and I was miserable. Not to mention I felt like an old lady with big old saggy breasts hanging to my waist. They are now a nice size B and lifted and perky :) Nothing hanging and everything fits so nicley. I am very glad I did it!

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