Insurance Didn't Cover Invisalign So I Went with Braces - So Glad I Did It!

I have insurance so my share was $2500. They would...

I have insurance so my share was $2500. They would not cover Invisalign so I was forced to go with braces. I got them in January '08 and they're coming off 4/22/10. I'm so excited!

I had a protruding k9 tooth on the top right and my bottom teeth were pretty crowded. I was always a little insecure about my smile and admired women who had perfect smiles.

The weeks after they're put on is pretty miserable. The inside of your mouth will blister (USE WAX!!!) and your teeth will ache. It's painful to chew anything (helpful on a diet, lol!). It will slowly wear off but you'll experience this after each adjustment although never as intense as your first visit.

If your ortho makes you wear rubber bands, my heart goes out to you. They take some getting used to for sure.

Just when I think my smile can't look any better, my ortho makes an adjustment & they somehow look better.

I'm so happy I did it and will post pics when they're off! Good luck!!!

Hi xSarax,

From what I can tell it's been about a year since you got your braces off. We would love to hear how your teeth are doing now & if you are still just as happy with your outcome.  Also, if you have pictures to share would love to see those too!


So sorry for the very delayed response. I was with Cigna at the time!
Hi xSarax Congrats for finishing with your braces! You must be thrilled with your beautiful new smile...I'm planning to get braces too. Can you please tell me what insurance company you have that helped covered the braces? Thanks for sharing.
Dr. Robert Ogden

He is AMAZING. He's extremely talented, thorough, and patient. I can't imagine going to anyone else.

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