Extra Lid After 1 Week Post Op - Orlando, FL

I am almost 1 week post op from a suture only...

I am almost 1 week post op from a suture only Asian eyelid procedure. My eyes still feel tight and lids are still swollen. I expected all if that. The only concerns I have now ate that my lids look like they have a lot of loose skin and my right lid looks like it has an extra crease inside the lid. Is that normal??

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Who did your lids in Orlando ?
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I had a revision. Eyelid surgery in Orlando and the doctor jacked me up more than before .. So I am just curious who was the doc
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How are you doing now, Lilkim1977? Has your swelling resolved?

If you have any ongoing concerns, please feel free to post on the Doctor Q&A Forum for some professional opinions.

Good luck and please update us when you can. :)

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