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Hello, I hope writting this is helpful... I...


I hope writting this is helpful... I had smartlipo at sonobello 3 weeks ago. First 2 days are painful but not that bad. I was back to work on day 3. During the first 2 weeks my swelling was going down. On week 3 I noticed very large and hard lumps. I started massaging and got a couple lynphatic drainages to help. My doctor said its normal and should go away with time, excercise and continuos massage. Lets hope its that way. My stomach doesnt look good right now, and I am a little discouraged..

Anybody want to provide some tips? Or share your experience? I would appreciate it!

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Hello! So its been 6 weeks! I have seen some...

Hello! So its been 6 weeks! I have seen some improvement, the largest bump avobe my rib cage is shrinking.. Still there though.. But I have hope it will go away. I continiue to massage before bed, skme areas are still tender, also once aweek I go to get lymphatic drainagefrom my LMT. She says she has seen some improvement as well. I am thinking about ultrasound therapy... Dont know...


Hi Deanna -- Thanks so much for sharing your experience so far. How is your recovery going? Is your stomach looking any better?

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