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Breast Lift W/implants - Open Incision with Stitch 5 Wks Out.

I decided on a breast lift and augmentation after...

I decided on a breast lift and augmentation after having and breastfeeding my children because my breast became very deflated and saggy. I am happy so far with my decision.

I had a breast lift with implants about 5weeks ago...

I had a breast lift with implants about 5weeks ago and 3 days ago I noticed some redness and oozing from my areola incision. Then yest it looked like a blood blister and today it opened and blood and pus came out and I can see a white stitch deep inside and I tried gently pulling on it with sterile tweezers but it is firmly attached inside. What should I do? I put some peroxide on it and neosporin with a bandaid covering it. I am afraid it is going to open more or get infected and leave a bad scar. I have already pulled out 2 other stiches and steri striped them together. I also got a abscess opening very small on another part of the incision. Could I be allergic to the suture material? THanks?

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I'm looking around Portland for good plastic surgeon to do my lift, would you recommend your surgeon to a friend or family member? I just started looking and would love to know your thoughts on your surgeon.. Thank you
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Thank you for sharing your story.
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Yes, I went and saw my doctor and he said just to take tweezers to it and pull it out. Luckily he removed the stitch out that I was afraid to pull on which hurt a little but that was it. On the abscess opening part I just kept neosporin on it and it finally healed up after a while and I think a tiny little stitch may have come out. Now 3.5 months post op you can't even see where I had the stitch abscess. Also he said this stitch abscess is more common with women who have lifts because their skin is thinner from being stretched.
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Were you able to resolve this issue with exposed stitches? Please let us know. Hoping you got the result you wanted from your treatment!
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This happened to me exactly, my Doctor was amazing and I went three times to get stitches removed and then the final one which was the purse string. It's been two weeks since the last one removed and they feel great. I too was scared to death wondering what I had done. I was told that my body did not have the right enzymes to dissolve them and then I had an allergic reaction on the last one. I go back this week to get my implants expanded, I am c right now and decided to go to a full D. I get my ports removed on May 4th.
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It sounds like you like your results so far but I think you may have a stitch abscess. You have treated it correctly so far but I am concerned that you may have a purse string suture. Get a follow up with your surgeon and see if you need to to have the purse string suture removed. If the skin is open and the purse string is exposed it will need to be removed. Best Wishes Dr. Peterson
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