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I am 25 Years old, And a mother to a 3 1/2 year...

I am 25 Years old, And a mother to a 3 1/2 year old girl... I am 5ft6in weighing in around 110-115lbs... I have always been skiny and very very little breasts (was always made fun-of and teased when younger), I Have wanted breasts for as long as i can remember!! Prior to having my daughter I had a small B-cup, While pregnant and breast feeding i reached a DD... with this being said my breasts are no longer where or what they were even if they were small to begin with.

I had my first consult in june of 2011, I have taken some time to decide and research.. i finally made up my mind!!! I AM DOING IT!!!! My mom was the biggest person to talk to about this, she kept telling me to wait, i will fill out when i get into my 30's... well im sorry but i am not going to wait 5 more years for my self confidince to be where i want it... I told my mom last week that i had been saving money and i have the full amount to pay for them and she is beyond excited for me... what a shock!

My boyfiend.... We have been together a little over a year... he goes back and forth with being on board and not... he knows how i am about my breasts i HATE them being touched (after having my daughter) i just dont feel sexy and he knows this will boost my confidince... he has expressed his feelings and i know his biggest fear is that i will get them very large and leave him after i have my augmentation.. I have explained the size and reassured him that what he is afraid of is far from what will happen.. I dont know how to get him 100% on board... this is all i have for now... will update and add pics soon :D

Very excited for you! I think you'll probably have to make it through this and prove to your boyfriend that you're not going to leave for him to be totally into it. But I'm sure he'll like the results.

Good for you for taking your time and doing your homework. It'll pay off in the end.

Thanks for posting your story here on RealSelf. I'll be following your journey with interest!

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