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I am having tumescent liposuction next Tuesday on...

I am having tumescent liposuction next Tuesday on my stomach, lower, upper, flanks, bra roll. Was anybody else nervous about the procedure? what was the pain level and recovery experience?

I have wanted to do this for so long and I still can't believe I am doing it. I have always had a stomach and hate the roll. I do work out.

well it is done. now I am just at home resting will post pics soon

Hey, congratulations! I'm glad you're home and everything went well. Make sure you rest up and follow your doctors orders, I'm sure you'll have great results! Please do keep us updated on your progress.


Hey there, thanks so much for sharing your journey with and good luck with your procedure, I hope everything goes well.

It's completely natural to be nervous before any kind of procedure. I'm sure you'll be fine though. Do you have someone to go with you on the day and support you?


I got up early the day of the surgery.. cleaned...

I got up early the day of the surgery.. cleaned house..took my nexium, antibotic, and then proceeded to the 30 minute drive to the doctors office. Took my ativan on the to doctors office. did all my measurements, weight, doctor came in did all of his drawings. took me across the hall, got scrubbed down..told me to lie on the table..gave me my twilight medication. after that I remember waking up and the nurses helping me to get dress. gave me some water mouth was dry. stayed in the office for about hour. Went home took a nap for about an hour, got up walked around quiet bit. not too much pain so far..i did take my tylenol 3 with codiende. probably would have slept better but husband's snoring. Got up this morning and went and a walked a mile on the treadmill. going back to doctor today for follow i was constantly going to the bathroom peeeing. i have enough pain to know that i had something done at this point. but stomach is still completely numb.

Stomach still hard after 2 half months. stomach...

stomach still hard after 2 half months. stomach also is hot to touch is this normal
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