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Noticed Forehead Lumpy Ridges and Possible Eyebrow Droop This Time Around.. - Orange Park, FL

I have had Botox done ( as well as other fillers...

I have had Botox done ( as well as other fillers for my nasolabial folds ) twice in the past, and saw immediate and positive results afterwards. The last time I had Botox was in 2010. I had my third Botox 8 days ago, and I'm still questioning what I have noticed: 3 small, lumpy ridges above my left eyebrow and a slightly droopy right eyebrow which I noticed 2-3 days afterwards.
I called my dermatologist to ask about it, was able to come in the same day, and I was told to wait the full two weeks to come back and re-assess.
I'm a bit regretful now and worried now since I feel the effects of Botox lasts a bit longer than 3-4 months.
The first two times, the doctor was the same for the Botox procedure, but this time around it was someone different. I wonder if that made the difference.
I'll see what happens on my next appointment on September 11, and will update here.
I've had the botox done several times. And it DOES make a difference who does it and how much they use and where they put it!! I've gotten the droopy eye twice, and both times it was a person who used too much and in the wrong places. Now I make sure to ask specifically for the technician that I trust- and I also tell them about my experiences with the "droop"! I have had much better luck after that!
Hi there! Thank you for the reply. Yes, I guess it does make a difference who does it based on my 3rd time around. Luckily, my right eyebrow droop has eased up. Looks like it is back to its "normal" place lol The area between my eyebrows I am satisfied with ( nice & smooth ), but the areas above both my eyebrows ( those slightly, lumpy ridge-looking skinfolds ) are still there. Fortunately, they are only noticable when I have my head position in a certain way ( like if I am looking up with my eyes, but my face is slightly looking downward..if that makes sense lol ). If I am looking straight ahead, I don't really notice it. Well, I did go back for my 2nd week follow-up and I did bring it to their attention, but nothing was done about it. The two separate areas on my upper forehead where I had Botox is smooth, but there were those areas above my eyebrows--the lumpy-type folds.:i( I guess it wasn't THAT noticable to them that I neede it to be "touched" up. I know I shouldv'e been more assertive about it, but I was already hesitant to have the same person do another Botox fix for me. The next time I will go to my cosmetic surgeon.

Sorry to hear you are feeling concerned. :-/ Since another week has passed I'd love to hear an update on how things are looking to you.


Happy the botox wore off

The 3 "lumpy ridges" on my forehead lessened, but it was still noticeable. Thankfully, the botox wore away about two months ago ( February 2014 ). I decided to try another place (Progressive Wellness Center in Orange Park, FL.) for botox since they were having a "special" - $99 for 15 units. I was a little hesitant due to the last experience I had, but decided to give the place a try. Overall, the staff was courteous. The nurse practitioner administered the botox ( between my eyebrows is where I usually have it done ) and she did a wonderful job. I even asked her if I should get "more" on other parts of my face, pointing out what I felt may need a filler here or there, and she said that I didn't need anymore, and that it is way better to look "natural". So I am satisfied she offered her honest opinion and didn't "push" for me to buy more fillers. It's been 2 weeks since I had botox and the results are flawless: no eye drooping, no forehead ridges..in fact, my forehead is so much smoother in appearance. Furrow lines between my eyebrows - gone. I definitely will go back to Progressive Wellness Center for future treatments!
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