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I Feel Really Bad About my Nose Can't Wait to Get a New One - Orange County, CA

Well I was born with a cute and small nose I had a...

Well I was born with a cute and small nose I had a great childhood but once I reached 22 yo my nose started getting big and weired and then ppl around me noticed and started commenting on it it was getting bigger and bigger every month and it was fast. I'm a respectful smart calm and polite guy but once my nose started turning to the left everyone disrespected me and made fun of me even my girlfriend.now I have problems everywhere cause I look stupid or dumb or I don't know ppl see me.now I can't stand it anymore. Thanks for your advice and comfort.


Was just reading thru some of the other comments. I would like to say that not everyone has a "nightmare" recovery. My face was never swollen and I never bruised one bit. Never took one pain pill. Actually, I remember how surprised I was that I didn't experience any of the above. I guess it depends how aggressive one's surgery is and the surgeon's surgical touch. And I have no trouble with my fingers fitting in my nose (lol). Every person's surgery is apparently very different. I will say that I wasn't completely satisfied with my results, I actually think some aspects look better and some worse. But, I've never regretted it. I would have always wanted to do it. And that's part of life-making a decision with risks involved and not turning out the way you wanted. Just make sure you pick a surgeon who specializes in rhino...i can't stress that enough. Good luck!
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Ok first of all, looking at your pictures I see a normal masculine nose that fits your features. A man should have a strong nose it makes them look more powerful (in my opinion). And a nose does not make you look dumb. A nose job shouldnt be considered because you feel it will make you look smart or get respect from people outside. People always look for things to put people down and its their own insecurities or they may be jealous or something else and find another fault to put you down :)
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Well you got it right actually when ppl find me very intelligent and talented as I can do a lot of art and stuff and always know how to deal with things they keep looking till they find out and then start criticizing me cause they can't and will never reach my brain level. But what I want is not looking better so they think I'm smart no.they already know. I wanna do it so other surrounding ppl including my family and everyone close give up trying to overpass me in anyway possible and finally give me a break. Thanks


Well I feel way better

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