Tattooed Eyeliner - NO! It Was NOT Worth It! - Orange County, CA

I had tattooed eyeliner done about 20 years ago....

I had tattooed eyeliner done about 20 years ago. It has faded significantly, but it is still there, and I still hate it! The right eye is okay, but the left eye got messed up. It's too thick on the inside corner on the bottom, and it's uneven and smudged on the top. The reason I have been thinking about it lately is because I am a completely different woman than I used to be. I wore makeup every day of my life for 30 years, and I believed that I would always love makeup. But now I am tired of wearing makeup altogether, and I want to have a completely bare, natural face. I am grateful that the tattooed eyeliner has faded so much, and I am hopeful that one day it will be faded completely. (Just home it happens before I'm old enough for a nursing home!)

All I can say is: Please don't do it! You might see things completely differently ten or twenty years down the road. Like with me, at one time I thought only a totally made up face was beautiful, but now I prefer the natural beauty of an unadorned face.

Im not a pm artist, so I cant speak for them. I am a woman though and it sounds like youre warning women not to make mistakes- but we do. And we learn from them. Lifes not perfect for anyone, so hopefully ladies who want to try permanent makeup - like me, will be intelligent enough not to be victims & go into having fun with pigment to look beautiful. Theres alot more important things then migrating pigment in aging to worry about, so dont go have fin and then tell us not to. I think PMakeup is Amazing and beautiful, and we are intelligent customers.
I am so sorry to hear about your regrets and what you have been left with in getting permanent eyeliner. The industry is alot more educated,in some ways, than 20 yrs ago. If a tech is heavy handed on eyeliner and uses a carbon back in (can turn bluish over the years), you can bet your goin to get whats called migration,besides the poor placement of your liner. Many go into Permanent makeup trustin the tech knows what they are doing. Wtih careful selection and interviewing your choice of artist, you can have beautiful and tasteful makeup. One of the biggies for me as an artist is thinking about how the pigment ages with the skin. Most womens makeup styles will be much different in thier 20's than in thier 40's.A technician should never do any makeup that is unappropriate or extreem in style.
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