Upper Lower Abdomen Area, Love Handles and Inner Thighs Lipo

Finally I decided to do lipo on my upper and lower...

Finally I decided to do lipo on my upper and lower abdomen area, love handles and inner thighs. My surgery is scheduled on Thursday in 3 days. I'll have love handles and inner thighs area done first and in 3 weeks (my Dr said that is recommended liposuction recovery time between surgeries) I'll have abdomen area done. At first I wasn't nervous at all but as it gets closer I'm loosing my sleep.

I'll keep you posted also will post pictures before the surgery and after.

Best wishes...I just had liposculpture (arms, back, u/l abdomen, inner/outer thighs). Six days post-op and so far I like what I see, although I am still swollen and bruised. Do use Arnica Montana- it's amazing, it has helped me a lot with the bruising. I'll write a review of my experience once the swelling starts to go down to appreciate the difference. You'll do well!


Well today I had first part of my surgery I went...

Well today I had first part of my surgery I went to the office 2 hours earlier just to get in a mood helped me a lot felt very comfortable and relaxed. Definitely helped to have nice staff making sure I was O.K.The surgery lasted approximately 2.5 hours lipo was done on my inner thighs and love handles so far no pain at all. Did not feel anything during the surgery, post surgery or now 6 hours later. I took mild painkiller Propoxyphene-n 100 just in case if I feel the same way tomorrow I'll take Tylenol. The only uncomfortable part of this process- I was extremely thirsty because I stopped drinking or eating at 9 pm the day before my surgery and  I think that helped me a lot not to have any drowsiness, so as soon as I got home I had plenty of water. Also the drainage problem was taken care of by "Always super thin pads" they captured all the mess.

I didn't take any before and after pictures but the office did so I'll post them as soon as I get my pictures.. Can not wait until May, I scheduled to have lipo on my abdomen area.

So far all I can say the best 10,000 I spent!!!!!!

3 days later still no pain, back to work today....

3 days later still no pain, back to work today. didn't take any pain medication on Saturday or Sunday so overall- great results!!!!!

Will post more info in May after the 2nd stage- abdomen area.

How are your results today? Do you exercise regularly?
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I highly recommend Dr A and his staff!!!!!!

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