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I've hated my love handles ever since they...

I've hated my love handles ever since they magically appeared in my late 20's and I never imagined they would go away. I found the magic potion and it worked. A little uncomfortable and don't like the garment but definitely worth the $2500. I'm now 6 weeks out and I've never felt better.


Sounds like a great result. Did you happen to take any before & after photos you'd be willing to share?

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I don't have photos but i know my photos were taken when I had my procedure. I could ask them for a copy. Who do I send the picutres to?

You can post them by clicking the "Update" link at the top of your review page. (They'll take approx. 12-24 hours to appear online.) If you have any trouble, let me know.

Final Inches

Extrememly friendly and made me feel very comfortable. We were actually singing during the procedure.

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