1 Week Since Sculptra - Orange County, CA

I had Sculptra done last week in Orange County...

I had Sculptra done last week in Orange County Calif and it's not cheap doing anything here. I picked Sculptra because I don't want to make this an annual event and I've been told results last the longest w/ Sculptra and so best for your $$ but you need patients. Not for results for tomorrow. I did 2 vials $1500.00 but those 2 vials were separated into 8 vials for administering.4 on each side. A bit of bruising but lighter this week. My doctor is amazing and she told me to be patient and wait 6 weeks and so I will because that is what the Sculptra information said and that is what all doctors say.
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I had Sculptra done five days ago in Orange County and it cost $1500 for two vials. As others have mentioned, it is painful but you get through it. It is an odd sensation to have lidocaine injected into your face - makes your eyes blink and feel strange. Dr. suggested 5-5-5 massage and that is also painful but tolerable. I had injections starting at my temples and around my cheeks. I did not bruise at all but it hurt to open my mouth and to chew for several days which I was not expecting. Make sure you eat before your treatment! I will go back in 60 days to determine if I want another round but so far I think it looks great -- quite pleased with the subtle improvement and natural look.

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Thanks for sharing your experience with Sculptra.  Did it hurt at all?  Being patient can be so hard, especially when eager to see great results- keep us posted on what you think as time goes on!

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No it did not hurt really at all. There were a few weird areas that I felt more than others but I would not say it was painful but just a strange feeling. My doctor put numbing cream on my face 15 mins. before the injection and the injection also had numbing inside and so that help. I had one bruise on my right cheek for nearly 2 weeks about the size of a silver dollar but little by little it went away. I don't know if this is a side effect or not but I've been irritable and more than I've ever, ever been and not myself and my face feels full but I do see some improvement and that is what I want and I don't know if this other stuff is related. I did not take before pics but my doctor did and I see if I can get them for this site.
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