1 Week Since Sculptra - Orange County, CA

I had Sculptra done last week in Orange County...

I had Sculptra done last week in Orange County Calif and it's not cheap doing anything here. I picked Sculptra because I don't want to make this an annual event and I've been told results last the longest w/ Sculptra and so best for your $$ but you need patients. Not for results for tomorrow. I did 2 vials $1500.00 but those 2 vials were separated into 8 vials for administering.4 on each side. A bit of bruising but lighter this week. My doctor is amazing and she told me to be patient and wait 6 weeks and so I will because that is what the Sculptra information said and that is what all doctors say.
Thank you for your review. I didn't see the name of your doctor. I have gone to an excellent doctor previously but apparently he no longer does sculptra. Thanks

I had Sculptra done five days ago in Orange County and it cost $1500 for two vials. As others have mentioned, it is painful but you get through it. It is an odd sensation to have lidocaine injected into your face - makes your eyes blink and feel strange. Dr. suggested 5-5-5 massage and that is also painful but tolerable. I had injections starting at my temples and around my cheeks. I did not bruise at all but it hurt to open my mouth and to chew for several days which I was not expecting. Make sure you eat before your treatment! I will go back in 60 days to determine if I want another round but so far I think it looks great -- quite pleased with the subtle improvement and natural look.


Thanks for sharing your experience with Sculptra.  Did it hurt at all?  Being patient can be so hard, especially when eager to see great results- keep us posted on what you think as time goes on!

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