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Not Sure if This is Worth the $$$$3K EXTREEMLY Painful-Time Will Tell - Orange County, CA

After a lot of research and several consults with...

After a lot of research and several consults with several providers of both Thermage and Ulthera, I made my decision, chose a provider, and had Ultherapy 5 days ago. While I know it's still early, I can tell you that this procedure is very, very, very, painful. I have a very high pain tolerance but this was off the charts painful!!!. I took a Vicodin and 800mg of ibuprofen an hour before as instructed, and it was still bad. The first and deepest part was almost intolerable and at one point, I considered walking out and getting a refund. I was given a device to try to divert my brain from the pain but that did not do the trick. The second and more superficial pass was better and more tolerable. A few times a nerve was hit and it felt like an electric shock shot through my scalp. Now that same nerve is a bit damaged and if I brush my hand across my forehead to wash my face, it get that same shock....I looked up the risk on this site and they say it's supposed to be temporary so we will see. I have lots of bruising and discoloration at the jawline and there are spots of numbness as well. My face and jowls look much worse at this stage in the recovery process. These providers make this sound so easy and harmless.. it is NOT...I would never, ever do this a gain.. while am awake.. I would have to be heavily sedated and the results will have to be unbelievably outstanding in order for me to do this again. It is too soon to tell if the results are worth all this at this point. Will try to add comment if I start seeing results.
ok.. it's been one week since my Ulthera treatment.. I am black and blue on one side of my face at the jawline and yellowish on the other. My face is sore to the touch all over. The nerve above my left eye brow is settling down a bit and i am still fairly swollen. If the amount of "damage" to the tissue is directly correlated with getting good results, then I am probably going to look like I am 30 again!! I have to say, my skin does look tighter and brighter.. No difference anywhere else yet. will keep updating the progres...
My opinion is that yes, it was somewhat painful, but not intolerable,if your like me and really want to look better, the pain was not that bad..maybe I can handle it because I was so desperate to get rid of my slight turkey neck. I had 600 lines, now today has been exactly 1 month, I forgot the pain, my neck improving daily....Was so wort it, I am happy now, shortly after I had it I was frustrated and felt ripped off, not now, it really worked for me!!!

Latingirl57, I just clicked through to your review hoping to see pictures of the changes. If you feel comfortable, I would love it if you would add some photos to your review so we could see the results too! :)


l6 day update

So far, I see no sugnificant changes.. I am still a bit sore to the touch.. especially around the eyes and along the jawline.. The nerve-shock sensation finally went away about 90 percent. There is still a bruise on my left cheek. I will be going in for a full set of follow up/comparison pics at the 3 month mark.. I will hold out judgement on this procedure until then..
Wow. Sorry your experience was so painful! Can you let us know how things are now? Are you happy you did this? Photos??
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My experience in NO way reflects the provider. I chose a very professional and experienced doctor and have great confidence in the practice. The gal who did the treatment is very experienced and followed the protocol to the letter. She was informative and reassuring. My biggest disappointment is that no one called or gave me any kind of post op instructions written or otherwise. I had around 900 lines.No creams, no ice, nothing. You might have though that I would have at least been instructed to ice my face. They want me back in two weeks to sell me some botox and fillers.:( SELL SELL SELL :(

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