TT Tomorrow 3/10 - Orange County, CA

My story ... I am 43 years old. I have two teenage...

My story ... I am 43 years old. I have two teenage sons 13 and 15 both c- sections. I gained over 70 lbs with each pregnancy. I weigh 135 pounds currently and have maintained that weight for over 3 years now with better eating habits and a great excercise routine (the gym 5 times a week). I do not have excessive skin "hanging" rather I have a distinct bulge that crunches and ab excercises are not addressing. My doctor recommended a mini TT.

I have found this site incredibly helpful and supportive and I feel like I am well prepared for realistic results. Thank you to everyone who posts and shares! I will up-date post op!!

I can't wait to hear how it went. (I gained 70 pounds with my first one, too). It sounds like you're at a nice, maintainable weight, which is a good time to have the tummy tuck. I hope you're healing well. Please come back and let us know!


My update! I had a mini tummy tuck on Thursday...

My update! I had a mini tummy tuck on Thursday 3/10. It went great! I am thrilled with the results. Pain was less than I expected and was told it would be because it was a "mini" ... I'm a believer. Back to work this week and the post op pain is managable with Tylenol. Very relieved!!!

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