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Love my New Shape! Goodbye Ugly Belly Flab! - Orange County, CA

See the before and after pics of what a tummy tuck...

See the before and after pics of what a tummy tuck can correct, improve and create. I would not have done this if I only had a few vanity pounds to lose. I had no core muscle strength, years of fat build up and loose flabby skin that wouldn't shrink after weight loss. I work in a weight loss center and its important to me to look my best. I am a bit modest and conservative in nature, so I'm not looking to become a new sexy pin up girl, but there's no doubt a nice figure can do wonders for self esteem, confidence, clothes shopping and personal appearance. I don't know how I let my mid section get so out of shape, but I am going to do my very best at maintaining my new look and my physical shape.


wow you look wonderful!!! what a change! you must be super happy!!!
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OMG you look totally amazing!!!!   Thank you for sharing with us:)

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You are looking great!! I totally agree about taking care if our new bodies and maintains them. I had breast reduction done the end if November and an on a TT the end of December.
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Lots of homework, word of mouth is the best referral. I met with 4 plastic surgeons over a period of a year before choosing mine. All have certain qualities, approaches, and procedures that make each ps unique. Cost was not so much a factor as the relationship I wanted to have. Send me a message if you want more info.

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