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After 2 Months Most of the Product Was Gone-Orange County CA

I had a professional inject Radiesse in my cheek...

I had a professional inject Radiesse in my cheek area and near the nose. The product slowley dissapeared after a month and a half; now its been 2 months I can feel the product under the skin in the cheek area. However it was dissapeared for the most part. Its there but no where near as glamourous as the first 2 weeks after injections. I had 4 syringes in my face. What a waste of money.

I viewed the input from doctors and other professionsl you sugestted, interesting how everyone sums up what's in the product 'and how Radiesse works. The bottom line is I wasted a lot of money that amounted to nothing.

Hi Irvine,

Here is some information on how long Radiesse lasts from our expert Q&A maybe it will help. Thanks for joining the community and please keep me updated.


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