Latisse Made my Lashes Fall off - Orange County, CA

I started using Latisse for only 3 days but...

I started using Latisse for only 3 days but stopped due to my lashes falling off. I stopped using the product but my lashes keep on falling off drastically, I'm really worried.

What should I do to stop my lashes from falling off??

I started using Latisse about two weeks ago and I stopped for two nights in a row and then started back up two nights ago and my lashes are falling out like crazy! I'm freaking out and don't know what to do to make them stop! The amount of lashes I've found is NOT consistent with my normal hair loss cycle. Please, help!


My lashes also started falling out while using latisse. I stopped using immediately and now using smartlash. It has been four weeks and the lashes that fell out r not growing in yet. Should I be worried?

I am using latisse and also have been using rogaine for my hair. It is supposedly very common for hair to fall out when you start one of these products and the manufacturers say it is a good sign. The hair that falls out was in a resting phase anyway and you cannot get regrow and follicle revitilization until the growth phase starts. Be patient. The hair growing back should be thicker because the follicle is changed and the growth phase is increased.
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