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Hey ladies I've been following this website for...

Hey ladies
I've been following this website for quite a while.
I've seen all u gorgouse ladies being turned into dolls..
I had a son a couple yrs ago, as u know r bodies never go back to how we used to have them):
Iam 23 and i've been realself conscious about my body ever since the birth of my child..
I had my breast done last year and i feel really good about them.. But i've always wanted to have a butt..
Iam flat as a board, and no hips/:
So i decided to do this procedure(:
Iam very excited and scared at the same time... My surgery will be in one month,
And i wonder if iam ready!!!!

I want.......

A projection of my hips that i dont have and want soo bad(:
Good luck babe
Thank u


Hey ladies
Was wondering what the foams u put in ur garments are for?
And where do i get them...?
Please help!!!!


Iam trying to find a garment for my sugery..
But some people say that butt covered is better and others say that butt out is better!!
I dont know which one to get
Please help?
Hi there! The best way to select a garment is to find out the garment your surgeon suggests or find out if the office provides one. Each surgical center is different. As far as butt-in vs. butt-out, again each surgeon has their own preference. My surgeon absolutely hates butt-out garments but a lot of surgeons swear by it! I think it comes down to the technique the surgeon uses. Hope this info is helpful...and good luck on your journey!
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

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