Implants for Tubular Breasts - Was It Worth It? I Wouldn't Recommend It

Well mine was a last ditch effort to save my...

well mine was a last ditch effort to save my marriage, yea that worked :( anyhoo went to some discount doctor and now i finnaly saved enough to fix what he did.

I have tubular breasts and was borderline on needing a lift. he put 380ccs in my right breast and 360ccs in my left. now both have bottomed out!!

i spoke to a surgen yesterday who suggested going over the muscle since i had started off as a 36B (im now a 36D) and she thinks i will have enough breast tisssue to cover the implants, i'm worried about capsular contraction and what they will look like, has anyone ever heard of going over the muscle to correct a bottoming out effect?? IS SHE JUST TAKING THE EASY WAY OUT?? i wont have money to fix another bad decision. any advice??


If you had a tubular breasts like me, a lot of experts feel that over the muscle placement allows the breasts to take on the shape of the implant better. But I'm not sure why this would help a case like bottoming out, because that is more likely to happen with an over the muscle placement. In my case, I had a double bubble effect, where the under the muscle placement didn't allow my implants to completely reshape my tubular breasts, so they were still pointy. I am now considering over the muscle placement, but am worried about capsular contracture as well. Have you asked any surgeons about placing internal sutures to boost the implant back into normal position?
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I think you should see more than one doctor-not sure what you mean by "the easy way out" but you should be comfortable as much as possible with the surgeon you decide on and what the plan is to correct your breast.
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Orange County Plastic Surgeon

he has a terrible bedside manner and did nothing to fix the mistakes i experienced at his hands

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