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Benelli lift progress - 400cc

I recently had a breast lift and I am currently 10...

I recently had a breast lift and I am currently 10 days post op. My doctor told me I should now take the Steri strips off the incision and begin using a triple antibiotic for 7 days followed by the scar gel. Needless to say, viewing the incision for the first time was not easy and I am worried it could have possibly been too early to remove the steri strips. I do not want to increase scarring..

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Mine were scary to look at the first few days...but my DR also told me to take off the strips...believe me it gets better really quick. I still have a bit of puckering, but every week it seems to smooth out more and more. You will be so happy you got this done and not the lollypop! I sure was!
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Hi lovely! You are still to early on healing process, but for me look by far ok... I mean, Im not a doctor, but what I see from other members is that this pleating always subside...Stay calm, keep taking care of yourself and everything will be fine! xoxo
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Thanks for sharing on RealSelf! I see you got some answers from doctors on your incision concerns. I hope this comforts you and that you continue to heal well. Please update us as you progress!

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