Chemical Peel for "Pits" and Wrinkles

Hello, I am a 45 year old female, medium skin,with...

Hello, I am a 45 year old female, medium skin,with very minimum breakouts. In the past I had bad acne that left me with some "pits" on my cheeks.I do have some signs of crows feet around the sides of my eyes and some wrinkles above my lip. I do smoke cigarettes.

I just recently purchased a 30 percent Salicylic Acid at home chemical peel. I did exactly as the directions told me to do. When i applied it of couse my face turned White, with a very burning sensation. I left it on no more than 3 mins as directed. Then neutralized it with the spray ( that came with the kit), rinse with cool water several times, then pat dry and applied a very good vitamin cream to my face. The next morning my face was a little dry (kind of like had wind burn on my face). The next day nothing. I notice no peeling, redness or any improvments in my face, except for a little brightness "fresher like".

My nephew who is 24, light skin, some breakout. tried the peel....His choice....only could allow the peel to be on a 1 minute then he had to wash it...He said it burned too bad...His results were the following: redness "sunburn like" very dry...peeling and dark crust. After a couple of days his face is smoother and breakout free. His skin looks amazing.

No impovements. except brighter skin. did not real help my "pits". they seem very superfical. thought that this peel would impove them along with the wrinkles.

the question I have is why did he have a better result, even when I left mine on longer?
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I would like to know what laser is best! thanks
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Salicilic acid peel is for acne but not acne scars. The best thing for acne scars is laser resurfacing. If you want to do laser resurfacing your self I will tell you which laser to buy
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"If you want to do laser resurfacing your self I will tell you which laser to buy". I presume this is sarcasm? If not, then god help us all!
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I would be interested to learn from you which laser resurfacing I can do at home!
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The only laser treatment at home that I've seen is Pavlovia. Which is intended for wrinkles not recommended for pitted scars. And tbh it's an infomercial gadget.
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